About Us


Foremost Development Services (FDS) Limited is a wholly indigenous firm of development and sustainability consultants with tremendous expertise and diverse experience spanning well over 28 years in the identification, design, planning, execution and management of development projects at local, national and international levels.

FDS specializes in providing Technical, Economic and Management Services relating to Agriculture, Forestry, Rural Development, Natural Resources Conservation, Agro-Industry and the Environment. The major objective is to ensure the sustainability of the operations and performance of our client.

FDS grew out of the Agricultural Services Department of Knight Frank and Rutley (KFR), the famous Property Development and Estate Agency partnership based in Lagos.

The Agricultural Services Department of KFR was established during the 1970s. It was given further impetus when the Nigerian government decree for backward integration came into effect in the early 1980s. It was felt that there were opportunities for large-scale agricultural schemes with the major companies particularly those that needed to tap into local raw materials. Incidentally, such companies as Glaxo, Beechams, Guinness, Nigeria Breweries Plc, Flour Mills of Nigeria, CFAO, and UAC Nigeria Plc were major clients. Also were Federal and State governments as were a number of other not so well known companies and individual firms.

In late 1991, the partnership of KFR divested their interest in the Agricultural Services Department to concentrate on their estate business. With this background, Foremost Agricultural Services (FAS) was incorporated in 1992 to take over fully the functions and Clientele of the Agricultural Services Department of KFR. Since then FAS has continued to provide qualitative consultancy and management services to high profile clients.

Foremost Development Services (FDS) was later established to expand the frontiers of its clients and services. FDS has since continued to render more specialized services in development and sustainability. It has the certification and accreditation of Federal and some States’ environmental protection agencies to undertake professional services relating to conservation, environmental studies and management. In addition, key staff of FDS have obtained the certificate as RSPO Lead Auditors and also building their capacity to obtain Provisional License for High Conservation Value (HCV) Assessment.

Our Mission

FDS’ mission is to render all forms of Technical, Economic and Management Services relating to Agriculture, Forestry, rural development, Natural Resources Conservation, Agro-Industry and the environment that will engender sustainable development and improve the quality of human life.